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Radio Spectrum Policy Group

38th RSPG Meeting – 15 October 2015

RSPG15-617 rev – Agenda of the RSPG 38th meeting

RSPG15-618 – 5th Progress Report on Efficient Awards and Use of Spectrum

RSPG15-619 –  Draft report on Efficient Awards and Use of Spectrum (open for public consultation)

RSPG15-620 – 3rd Progress Report on the Review of the RSPP

RSPG15-621 rev1 – Draft Opinion on the Review of RSPP (open for public consultation)

RSPG15-622 – Progress Report on the RSPG Work Programme

RSPG15-623 – Update of the RSPG Work Programme (open for public consultation)

RSPG15-624 – 10th Progress Report on cross-border coordination

RSPG15-625  – Commission activities related to radio spectrum policy

RSPG15-626 – List of documents RSPG 38th meeting

RSPG15-627 –  DSM– Telecoms Regulatory Framework issues

RSPG15-628 – RSPG “the last 3 years”

RSPG15-629 – RSPG#38 Chairman’s report