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Radio Spectrum Policy Group

35th RSPG Plenary Meeting – 12 November 2014

RSPG14-575(rev2) – Agenda of the RSPG 35th Meeting

RSPG14-576(rev3) – List of Documents 35th RSPG Meeting

RSPG14-577 – 5th Progress Report on WRC-15

RSPG14-578(rev1) – Draft RSPG Opinion on WRC-15

RSPG14-579 – 2nd Progress Report on Efficient Awards and use of Spectrum bands harmonised for ECS

RSPG14-580 – Report on the outcome of the ad-hoc meeting on Wireless Backhaul

RSPG14-581 – RSPG work item on Wireless Backhaul

RSPG14-582(rev1) – RSPG Work Programme – Updated RSPG work item on the RSPP review

RSPG14-583 – 7th Progress Report on bilateral coordination

RSPG14-584 – 2nd Progress Report on the long-term strategy on the future of the UHF band

RSPG14-585(rev1) – Draft RSPG Opinion on the Future Use of the UHF Band

RSPG14-586(rev1) – Commission activities related to radio spectrum policy since last meeting – Information note from the RSPG secretariat

RSPG14-587 – RSPG Response to the Commission Report on the Radio Spectrum Inventory

RSPG14-588 – Chairman’s report RSPG #35