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Radio Spectrum Policy Group

42nd RSPG Meeting – 07 February 2017

Meeting documents from 42nd RSPG Meeting 

RSPG17-001 –  RSPG#42 Agenda

RSPG17-002 – Commission activities related to radio spectrum policy

RSPG17-003 – Progress report of the RSPG WG on Strategic roadmap towards 5G for Europe

RSPG17-004 – Progress Report of the RSPG Working Group on the Review

RSPG17-005 – Progress Report of the RSPG WG on IoT

RSPG17-006 – RSPG Opinion on the Spectrum Aspects of IoT including M2M

RSPG17-007 – Progress Report of the RSPG WG on ITS

RSPG17-008 – RSPG Opinion on Spectrum Aspects of ITS

RSPG17-009 – Progress Report of the RSPG WG on WRC19

RSPG17-010 – Interim Opinion on Common Policy Objectives for WRC-19

RSPG17-011 – Update of the work item on WRC19

RSPG17-012 – Progress Report on the Digital Single Market

RSPG17-013 – Progress report of the WG on PMSE

RSPG17-014 – Progress report of the RSPG WG on cross-border coordination

RSPG17-016 – List of documents for publication RSPG#42

RSPG17-017 – RSPG Opinion on Spectrum issues in the proposal for a Directive establishing the European Electronic Communications Framework

RSPG17-018 – Chairman’s Report RSPG#42