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Radio Spectrum Policy Group

43rd RSPG Meeting – 06 June 2017

Meeting documents from 43rd RSPG Meeting 

RSPG17-019 – RSPG #43 Agenda

RSPG17-020 – Commission activities related to radio spectrum policy

RSPG17-021 – Progress report of the RSPG WG on 5G

RSPG17-023 – Progress report of the WG on PMSE

RSPG17-025 – Progress report of the RSPG WG on cross-border coordination

RSPG17-026 – Results of the 2nd RSPG Questionnaire Good offices – 700 MHz band

RSPG17-027 – Progress Report of the RSPG WG on the Digital Single Market

RSPG17-028 – List of documents for publication RSPG#43

RSPG17-029 – Chair’s report RSPG #43