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Radio Spectrum Policy Group

61st RSPG Plenary Meeting – 14 June 2023

RSPG23-017 –  Agenda of the RSPG #61 Meeting

RSPG23-018 – State of play regarding award of 5G pioneer bands

RSPG23-019 – Progress Report of Sub-group on Peer review and Member State cooperation on authorisations and awards

RSPG23-020 – Progress Report of the Sub-group on Future of the UHF band beyond 2030

RSPG23-021 – Draft RSPG Opinion on Strategy on the future use of the frequency band 470-694 MHz beyond 2030 in the EU (for public consultation)

RSPG23-022 – Progress report of Sub-group on Good Offices

RSPG23-023 – Progress Report of the Sub-group on the role of radio spectrum policy to help combat climate change

RSPG23-025 – Progress Report of the work item on the development of 6G

RSPG23-026 – Draft RSPG Opinion  on The development of 6G and possible implications for spectrum needs and guidance on the rollout of future wireless broadband networks (for public consultation)

RSPG23-027 – Progress Report of the Sub-group on Mobile Satellite Service

RSPG23-028 – Progress Report of the Sub-group on Digital Decade

RSPG23-030 – List of documents for publication RSPG #61

RSPG23-024 – Chairman's report RSPG #61