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Radio Spectrum Policy Group

63rd RSPG Plenary Meeting – 07 February 2024

RSPG24-001 - Agenda of the RSPG #63 Meeting

RSPG24-002 - State of play regarding award of 5G pioneer bands

RSPG24-003 – Progress Report of the Subgroup on Peer review and Member State cooperation on authorisations and awards

RSPG24-004  - RSPG Peer Review Report

RSPG24-005 - Progress Report of the Subgroup on “Good offices” to assist in bilateral negotiations between Member States

RSPG24-006 - Progress Report of the Subgroup on MSS 2 GHz

RSPG24-007 - RSPG Opinion on assessment of different possible scenarios for the use of the frequency bands 1980-2010 MHz and 2170-2200 MHz by the Mobile Satellite Services beyond 2027

RSPG24-008 - RSPG Work Programme 2024 and beyond

RSPG24-009 - Statement on suspension of the RSPG Subgroup on the role of radio spectrum policy to help combat climate change

RSPG24-010 - List of documents for publication RSPG #63

RSPG24-011 - Chairman's report RSPG #63